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Author Topic: RSS Embedded Emails  (Read 7793 times)


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RSS Embedded Emails
« on: October 07, 2009, 12:05:47 pm »

Original update for RSS Embedded Emails can be found at https://www.castledragmire.com/Updates/RSS_Embedded_Emails.
Originally posted on: 07/10/08
Regarding: RSS

Google Reader was showing some information in the RSS feeds I didn’t expect so email sections (managingEditor, webMaster, author) no longer show “noreply@castledragmire.com ...” and just have the latter part “Dakusan - see http://www.castledragmire.com/Contact”, and just “Dakusan” for the author of all posts/updates.

This unfortunately means the RSS feeds are no longer completely W3C compliant, but forcing email addresses for those fields is, IMO, flawed itself because advertising email addresses on the web is just subjecting them to harvesting and mass amounts of spam.