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Author Topic: HyNES Release  (Read 4830 times)


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HyNES Release
« on: October 17, 2009, 11:28:36 AM »

Original update for HyNES Release can be found at https://www.castledragmire.com/Updates/HyNES_Release.
Originally posted on: 10/17/09
Regarding: HyNES

Since my website is finally at a state where I feel I can finally announce it to the public, like I’ve been planning on doing for 3 years, I felt I needed to get up a few final projects that I had promised to myself I would get done before that happened. Sooo... *drumroll*.... I finally got HyNES up here, yay!

I thought there were a few minor modifications I still needed to make to the HyNES project before I released it here, but I went back through it, and to my great relief and surprise, it was actually at a completed state with the minor bugs I wanted to crush already fixed some years ago. If I had known that, I might not have procrastinated on getting it up here for 3 years :-).

Unfortunately, the task of getting an initial version of a project released on my website isn’t just fixing up the release itself, but also organizing the content of the project. I’m happy to say I also got the entire content section (as well as miscellaneous info) of the HyNES project page completely flushed out, after spending 8 hours going through old notes, organizing them, and writing everything back up from scratch. Documentation is such a chore :-).

I am releasing all 3 versions of HyNES in this update, as described in the “History” section of the project page.