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Author Topic: GoFasterSQL v1.2.1 - Overhaul of null types system  (Read 1118 times)


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GoFasterSQL v1.2.1 - Overhaul of null types system
« on: April 14, 2024, 11:11:15 pm »

The nulltypes system has been overhauled so all null types are under a generic type named NullType in the top level package. For example, instead of using nulltypes.NullUint8 you would now use NullType[uint8]. This also really helped clean up the null types code. This is a version breaking change, hence the minor version number update.

Other minor changes:
  •        Readme file and package information has been updated with the following changes:        
    • The type support section has been redone for clarity
    • The structs in the code examples have had the members labeled to explain their used supported type
  • Marshled JSON strings are now properly json escaped
  • Added bypass for my RawBytes bug fix, now that it has been fixed in go v1.23
  • Removed test case that is no longer compatible with go 1.21+
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