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Official site launch very soon, hurrah!

Author Topic: Welcome to Dakusan's Domain  (Read 13690 times)


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Welcome to Dakusan's Domain
« on: September 28, 2009, 05:30:44 am »

Original post for Welcome to Dakusan's Domain can be found at https://www.castledragmire.com/Posts/Welcome_to_Dakusan%27s_Domain.
Originally posted on: 11/13/06

I figure near the beginning of this blog (which I will never call this section a blog beyond this point as it gives an inappropriate connotation for what I am trying to do with this site...), I should mention a little bit about myself and my personality. For starters, my name is Jeffrey Riaboy, and I’ve gone by the handle Dakusan for many many years.  I’m currently a 25 year old male [I edit this one post and try to keep it up to date] who is mostly freelance, but I hold some steady contract jobs, none of which I can really talk about. I am a 100% self taught programmer/computer scientist/engineer, hacker/reverse engineer, computer repair expert, network engineer, server administrator, etc... [computer] nerd. I spend most of my life and time on computers, though I do get around socially with my small clique of friends :-). My 2 main purposes for this site are to inform people who wish to listen of my learning experiences and discoveries which I find worthy to share, and to get a good archive up of all my life’s work.

I will be trying to keep most of the posts here more towards a computer/technical nature, as I assume that is why anyone visiting this site would be here, but I always have a lot to talk about on other topics so there will be a lot of other stuff too, sorry ^_^;.  These non-technical posts will much more frequent the beginnings of my archives so I can get them out of the way.  I have a... rather large... backlog list of topics to talk about.

You will find out in the posts to come that I like to poke at things and complain about problems which should be fixed. I spend a large amount of my time making sure everything is working right for a great many people in many ways, and I wish other people would do the same for others and their projects. This is why I vent/rant. Sure, I could get involved in every [open source] project that I like and spearhead the things I see as weaknesses, but alas, there are only so many hours in a day.

You will also find I am quite blatant and honest to a T on anything I discuss. I take this personality quirk IRL to an extreme too, which often gets me in trouble :-).

I try to program as often as possible in C/C++. My favorite aspect of programming is optimization and getting things to work as fast and as best as they can. Unfortunately, a large part of programming [in the “real world”] is engineering the code so that anyone could jump in and work with it; so code layout/design and my personal syntax style are also large on the priority list these days.

I dabble in most all the other mainstream computer languages too. I highly subscribe to “the right tool for the job” philosophy. Which fortunately 99% of the time can keep me away from such travesties as .NET and Java! I work every now and then on “quickies” in VB and PHP. I also work a little too much in JavaScript and Flash (and PHP of course, but I enjoy it in a way), which have become necessities due to the web being such a large market these days.

One of my first big projects was my NES emulator, Hynes. Unfortunately, the emulation community at that time was full of a lot of strife (this was right after the UltraHLE release of 99). Due to my fear of my project being misused and released with a Trojan, I never really got into the open source community. (I now look back at that and wonder why I was so worried... of course, that was before the open source community was really mainstream too)... I am trying to remedy this though and am going back and fixing up all my old projects for release on the web as time permits, which unfortunately, means this will take a very long time :-).

Anyways, I think this pretty much lets you know what this site is for now, who I am, and what to expect. I hope I can keep you interested ^_^. Enjoy.

P.S. You might also notice, which can often be a bad thing, that when I write stuff, I type ALOT. Mostly because I talk online how I talk IRL... bleh.

P.P.S. You may have noticed a long gap between the first post and this one, and many subsequent ones. That is because after making the first post, I decided I needed to build up a real website to host everything, and make it a “big” project. So, further content was put on hold while I worked up everything needed for the launch, and life continued between other posts after that too :-).