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Site to launch soon, no, really!


Original update for Site to launch soon, no, really! can be found at,_no,_really!.
Originally posted on: 05/09/08
I worked a bit too hard on the site for a while and got a bit burnt out :-(.  So I kinda slacked off on it... again... for 4 months XD.  But I’m really determined and serious this time to get it up by Monday morning, so I’ll be working real hard through then.  I’ve pretty much had everything finished on the site for a quite a while, I’ve just needed to touch up the posts I’ve done and I just didn’t have the energy to deal with them :-\, and the projects section of course which comes after.  So yeah, will hopefully be able to keep pushing after this weekend and get all the projects up too.  Wish me luck!


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