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Originally posted on: 05/12/08
Finally putting the site up on, under a subdirectory for now, for friends to start checking it over while I make the finishing touches to put it live, which should be around this Sunday.

Current finished content and sections includes:
* Home page
* Projects Table and Individual Project Page Layout
* All projects have their basic info filled in, sans Content, Start Date, End Date, and Projected Time
* Posts and Updates pages
* Archive
* Contact Page
* Misc Page
* Misc > Entertainment Titles (Still have a few titles I need to finish writing though)
* Misc > Glossary
* Misc > Languages and Libraries
* Misc > Links (Need to add more though)
* Site Map
* RSS Launch Page
* Site Info
* 404 Page
Page I still need to finish include:
* Copyright (Needs to be rewritten)
* Search (Frontside is done, just need to finish backend)
* Misc > Software Licenses
* RSS Feeds
* Forums


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