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Author Topic: Vintage Experience  (Read 17292 times)


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Vintage Experience
« on: July 24, 2013, 05:02:22 am »

Description: Software suite to run Gregory Charles’ Vintage Experience concert
Information: Gregory Charles’ 8 million dollar Vintage Experience project. This included:
  • The primary website
  • Voting software that handled millions of web page votes in under 30 seconds, which was first deployed during the Gala Artis, a Québécois Television Award Show
  • A complete suite of control software for the stage manager to push audience content to two gigantic stage monitors and the monitors embedded in the artist’s piano
  • Mobile compatible web pages for the audience to answer live questions and send chat messages to the artist during the performance to help shape the show
  • Mobile compatible web pages for the audience to order drinks during the show, and for the staff to manage the drink orders
Languages: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, GoLang