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.hack// developer guild recruits you


I am impressed to see someone that got so much passion for computers and knows about the advantages of life in the cyberspace.   Right now some .hack// fans and computer scientists are gathering to try to bring us the the true [The World]. First progresses have been made. Your skills would be a great help.  There are two major projects now.   The first one strives to create a private server for .hack//fragment. The only real .hack online game so far which got shut down a few years ago.  The second is a fan made .hack// game. The interesting part is that it will be able to use the real sound and graphic media from the original game. So we only need to finish the technical work.  If you are interested read those topics:  cu between the bytes.

Thanks for the invite, but I'm not really interested in pursuing other people's personal projects at this point in my life, especially game related (I've been burned in the past).

I looked through the threads you sent me and wish you all the best of luck with getting what you want accomplished :-). If the guy hasn't already passed up where I was at in reverse engineering the discs, he can of course use my research in HackPics to further his goals at his pleasure.

However, I feel obligated that I should throw some warnings at you, just in case. Many companies are obsessive about protecting their IP and can be sue happy. Putting yourself in the line of fire before a final release, ESPECIALLY if you actually use content/media they have produced, can be dangerous. For this reason, if you or others plan on putting a lot of time into this and want to see if get released in its final stage, it would be prudent to not talk about it in front of the public on a website. The safest way to get these things out without repercussions is releasing only once when it's completed and then complying to take it down if demanded to (ie UltraHLE), but by then, it's already on the net and can't really be stopped. It would also be best if the authors kept their true identities a secret, but it may already be too late for that.

Then again, if you and/or the other Authors are not in a country that cares, like the US or Japan, then feel free to disregard all my previous advice ^_^.

I don't necessarily support you in that respect of using other's IPs, but I have seen many good fan projects in the past abandoned due to the companies learning of them and shutting them down. It is always sad to see people's hard work trashed due to legalities.


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