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Author Topic: GW2 Recipe Manager  (Read 8887 times)


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GW2 Recipe Manager
« on: January 21, 2015, 12:50:41 AM »

Description: An interface to manage Recipes for Guild Wars 2. The interface allows filtering and sorting recipes by many variables. It also has user toggleable checkboxes per recipe that you can use to group and filter recipes. For example, all recipes with the first checkbox selected might be recipes your primary character already knows.

This project has 2 parts. The first pulls all of the Item and Recipe info for Guild Wars 2 into a database. The second is a client side only recipe management interface (no server processing).

I threw this together for a friend in 8 hours, as some of its functionality coincided with stuff I needed for another one of my projects. It was not meant to be pretty, so the interface is a bit spartan, and the code comments are a bit lacking. It also doesn’t check user input very thoroughly :-) .

Languages: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL