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Originally posted on: 11/21/15
Regarding: Projects

* Email contact has been removed from the Contact page, in lieu of using the forum. Explanation is on the contact page.
* I have removed all the projects from my projects page and site map that I will never finish and aren’t far enough along to be of any use to anyone. Most of these were written before I was 13 (in 1997). I had originally intended this site to be a collection of everything I have ever started and done, but I now see a lot of this as useless fluff. Projects removed are:
* Personal Libraries: Old C++ libraries that are very outdated
* Picture Encrypt: This was just an image steganography encrypter using the picture as a one time pad. I made this as a kid before I knew image steganography and one-time-pads were things that were already known.
* WebRoute: This was a Windows file system driver that allowed grabbing files from different directories in tiers. Its functionality is easily matched with symbolic links and apache redirects.
* FileSync: A visually interactive rsync type program. Rsync is a better solution anyways, and I’m sure frontends for it are out there.
* File Functions: Old C++ CLI libraries that are very outdated and all have better alternatives out there
* Web Rich Text Editor: While I was way ahead of the curve on making this, I never polished and released it. There are so many out there nowadays anyways...
* Midi: This was the very first “large” project I built as a kid (Probably ~11). Essentially, I wanted to create a competitor to what was then the only solution (I think) for creating midis/sheet-music, Cakewalk Studio.
* Web List Creator: Old and outdated JS library
* eBay Content Creation: An old project I never finished, which was used to quickly create eBay pages with widgets and precompiled graphical designs.
* RubixSolver: A program I never even really started to implement due to technological constraints of the time.
* Icon Run: A novel gimmick from when I was very young that I never got working very well
* MP3 Tagger: Pretty useless old program that uses a file format trick I should not have utilized in the first place
* Logic Puzzles: Silly knock-offs of puzzles from the game Journeyman 2 (you have to be pretty old to remember these)
* File Sender, QuickChat, Collage Maker: Outdated with much better solutions out there
* College Crap, QBasic Crap, Highschool C++ Class: Like they say, old useless crap
* Process Saver, All-In-One Networking Kit: Programs I never even got started
* I added MySQL replication ring status reporting script to the Other Web Scripts page


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