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Plex Playlist Importer v1.1


Original update for Plex Playlist Importer v1.1 can be found at
Originally posted on: 07/15/16
Regarding: Plex Playlist Importer
Plex Playlist Importer v1.1 (source). Current updates spanning 2017:
* Fixed absolute path logic for Linux (partial credit to Matt Spitz)  
* Bypasses UTF8 BOM  
* Program now works off of argument flags.    
* Added parameters: Playlist encoding, override type, force list    
* Created special BulletHelpFormatter class for parameters    
* Playlist names can now conflict with other item/list names in Plex  
* Console column width passthrough in the .sh file  
* Updated READMEs regarding:    
* Unicode compliance    
* The “no such module : FTS4” error    
* Running the script from a computer external to the server running Plex    
* The “The program can’t start because MSVCR100.dll is missing” error    
* All updates    
* Added the ability to compile to a windows executable (via py2exe)  
* The Playlist Name is now an optional argument which can be entered after the program is ran. This allows directly dragging playlists onto the executable  
* Added shebang to main script  
* M3U files now ignore lines that are empty or have only whitespace


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