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DWCF v1.1


Original update for DWCF v1.1 can be found at
Originally posted on: 09/15/16
Regarding: DWCF
DWCF v1.1 updates  
* Added functionality:      
* GetVars.VarArray.SQLLookup:          
* Additional string parameters that have %THEVAR% are replaced with the value being checked      
* If the first item is NULL, it will be removed, and the return will include full rows ("*") of the query result set        
* Updated functionality:      
* json_encode() In RetMsg() and CallByAction() now use JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE    
* GetVars.VarArray.IsOptional now only triggers if it is (boolean)true    
* Added additional description specification to GetVars.VarArray.SQLLookup which says it uses the additional parameters as values to fill in the SQL Query    
* LICENSE: Now applies to 1.x instead of 1.0.x


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