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More updates to DWCF and DSQL


Original update for More updates to DWCF and DSQL can be found at
Originally posted on: 09/27/16
Regarding: DWCF

* DSQL v2.0.2.2
* Added ability via DSQL->$StrictMode variable to update MySQL strict mode
* Added DSQL->RawQuery() function which takes just a query, and does no modification on it. I found this required due to extremely slow times on building very large queries.
* Added DSQL->EscapeString() function which escapes a string for use in a mysql query. It has an optional parameter that adds single quotes around the result.
* Added DSQL::PrepareInsertList() function which takes an array of names, and turns it into the following string: ['a', 'b', 'c'] => “(`a`, `b`, `c`) VALUES (?, ?, ?)”
* DWCF v1.1.1
* Added previous variable lookup to GetVars.VarArray.SQLLookup via %THEVAR-$VARNAME%


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